Finding Your True Self and Your Souls True Calling

Seek What sets Your Suld on Fire - Finding Your True Self and Your Souls Calling

We are all born into the universe with a purpose, a calling and a destiny. You may already know what yours is or you may not, but your soul will not feel settled until it is living in its light. We all have a light wanting to burn brightly inside us and that same light is what glows through our skin and make us appear radiant when we are unconditionally happy. However, society and those around us are there to throw us off track, challenge us and if we back down to the challenge our inner light will dim and for some, disappear.

Deep down we all know what our souls calling truly is, because that’s the thing that gives you the most pleasure in life. Ever had a niggling feeling that won’t go away telling you your supposed to be doing something else? That’s your soul calling. Many of us go through life ignoring it or putting it off because society wouldn’t agree or we simply don’t have faith in our own instincts enough.

“There is no greater gift you can receive than to honour your calling. It’ why you were born. And how you become most truly alive.”- Oprah Winfrey

If I were to say to you what would the happiest version of you be doing? What would that be? What would have to change from now so that you can be that happiest version of you? For me, I’ve always loved writing and with a passion for health and fitness along with personal struggles I have had myself with my relationship with food and body image, I want to help people. I want to teach people that they are enough, they are wonderful in fact, and you should do what lights you up no matter what, and do it unapologetically.


“Our soul knows the way. Listen to its whispers and follow the trail.”

Our souls are unique, our souls have been sculpted by every experience we have had in our lifetime and that’s what makes you- YOU. Being unapologetically you is the best version of YOU you can be, without doubt or worries, without caring what others thought and most importantly living in your light. I believe we were all born with a purpose and a calling, and no matter how much we try and ignore it, it is craving that won’t go away. When you satisfy that craving and allow your light to shine, you begin to light up the lives of those around you and inspire them to light up their own lights too. A chain reaction.

Previously, I went through life like a sheep I followed all my friends to university because I didn’t know at the time what else to do and it seemed like the easiest and only option. However, I found I had a passion, an inkling that didn’t go away and something I knew I had to be doing. Only now when I am aware of my souls calling and what truly lights me up do I feel motivated, passionate and my happiest. When you find what your true calling is, you will know and you’ll just want to work and work at it until you are shining at your brightest fullest potential.

“The universe is always expanding. You are part of the universe. Expansion is your natural state. If you resist your expansion, you resist who you are. Expand into your bigness now.”

I’m not saying it is easy, in the process of finding my own souls calling, I developed an eating disorder, found the courage to recover and then spent time learning and bettering myself from that experience to then want to go on to help others suffering. You must be cracked open, you must hit rock bottom, only then will you discover your true calling, you must pick up the pieces and begin sealing the crack bit by but until you are whole and an ever-better version of you. Suffering and pain happens for you, not to you always remember the universe is working in your favour.

So, whatever it may be, don’t be afraid to make a change. It’s easy to stick doing something that doesn’t truly fill you up because you are good at it or because you are invested in it or because you don’t want to disappoint those around you. But is it truly filling you up so much you could burst?

For me, I always got top grades at school in creative art subjects, particularly fashion, and therefore went onto study fashion at university because I was simply good at it. This taught me that naturally I am a creative person however, I lacked passion and despised the fashion industry. It wasn’t until I began in the Health and Fitness industry did I spark that passion and from my personal ED recovery did I then want to go on to help others. I created this blog as a platform to do just that, regardless of what others think, I plan to spread motivation, self-love, self-discovery, and health and fitness tips. And that’s truly what lights me up.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”- Pablo Picasso

Finding Your True Self and Your Souls True Calling


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19 thoughts on “Finding Your True Self and Your Souls True Calling

  1. I really like what you said about going to university just because that was the thing to do. I think that happens to SO many of us (lots of my friends!) and we end up with a degree that we don’t really want… and lots of debt. I love the model of taking a gap year and figuring out your passion and path, otherwise there’s so much pressure and not enough time! Great post!

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    1. Yes, I feel now as well sixth forms and colleges push students to university because it looks better on their stats, which is ridiculous! A gap year would be a much better option for students that are unsure! Thanks for reading!


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