Putting Yourself First and Owning Your Decisions

Putting Yourself First & Owning Your Decisions Guide to Self Love

The thing with fitness is not everyone understands. It took me a while to realise that the sooner you start putting yourself and your own goals first the closer you are to living the truest version of yourself. Whether it be friends or family, not everyone will understand and some may leave comments and pass judgement for a split second but that’s when you need to be strong and remember who you are doing this for- yourself.

I found I would often do things that I didn’t want to do just to simply keep people happy and ‘fit in’, and it wasn’t until I decided to stick up for myself that I began to truly believe in myself too. When you begin to say no to the people you don’t want to be around or the things you don’t want to do, you begin to say YES to yourself.

If you lived your life trying to please other people all the time you’d never be doing anything which truly makes you happy. It’s ok to be selfish sometimes and put yourself first, after all that’s what everyone else does! That’s not to say you should never see friends or socialise, but when making plans or signing yourself up to things ask yourself, ‘Is this really what I want to do, or am I just trying to please others, neglecting what I really want?’

Don’t worry about what others think of you, because regardless of what you do people will always judge you. Therefore, you might as well be doing what lights you up rather than dimming your light to fit in or please those around you. You’ll also find that when you start doing what lights you up you’ll naturally block out any one that doesn’t support you because if they can’t support you at your happiest when can they? But the harsh truth is, not as many people care as you think. People are so wrapped up in their own lives, worries and dramas they spend much less time worrying or thinking about you as you might think. All that truly matters is how you think of yourself and when you stop judging yourself, you’ll rise above any judgement from others.

Most importantly just OWN IT, if someone questions what you are doing or why you are doing it, OWN IT. Take full ownership of all your decisions, people will doubt you no matter what but just OWN IT and let that be your motivation to prove them wrong.

Taking ownership of your choices is one of the best things you can do for yourself, you’ll find you stop judging yourself and start to love yourself. After all, the relationship we are in with ourselves is the most important relationship you will ever be in. By taking ownership and working on the relationship you have with yourself you’ll find all your other relationships will benefit and everything becomes easier, happier and life takes a beautiful upgrade.

Guide to Self Love: Putting Yourself First, Owning Your Decisions and Learning to Love Yourself

“Come out of the masses. Stand alone like a lion and live your life according to your own light.”- Osho

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